This is a picture of a 1948 Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith limousine, chassis WYA86 being completed at Rippon Brothers in Huddersfield, England. The craftsmen at Rippon spent 1 year building the car between October, 1947 and October, 1948. It was shown at Earls Court in London, then sold to F. A. Naylor in Leeds. From left to right: Rolls-Royce tester with hand on hip: Armitage Firth, coachbuilder, working on the right front door: Jack Leech, trimmer, in the car with his back toward us: Walter Hampson, panel beater, sitting on running board: Ronnie Matthews,coachbuilder,looking through the left door window: Ted Hindle, panel foreman, in white smock: Trevor Gibson, apprentice coachbuilder behind foreman. This is one of five Silver Wraith bodies supplied by Rippon Brothers after the war. Each one was different. This Rolls-Royce is being restored.

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